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Unfair Game

    [13.01.2020] Rust is updated safe to use now. Rainbow Six is updated and all known bugs are fixed.

    [03.01.2020] AMD cpu support is added (only ryzen). you need to enable virtulization from bios.    

    [03.01.2020] Rust, Rainbow Six and Hwid Spoofer updated. We are now using hypervisior for now we only support intel (amd support will be added soon). Please download new loader.

    [22.12.2019] Rainbow Six Updated for latest game update.

    [18.12.2019] Rust is updated crash issue has fixed. Loader Gui Changed. New bypass method implamented (Please update your windows to win10). Please Download new loader.

    [10.12.2019] Rust is updated for latest game update. Download new loader.

    [07.12.2019] Rust is updated safe to use. Spoofer Updated (Respoof Each Second issue fixed) Please Download new loader.

    [11.11.2019] Rust is updated, Safe to use. Snaplines, Aim low hp and such customization options added with new gui. All colors and buttons are also customizable.

    Note: With Admin Mode only use Debug Cam (Bind "key" debug.debugcamera) and Third Person (F3)

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