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Unfair Game

    [11.11.2019] Rust is updated, Safe to use. Snaplines, Aim low hp and such customization options added with new gui. All colors and buttons are also customizable.

                        Note: With Admin Mode only use Debug Cam (Bind "key" debug.debugcamera) and Third Person (F3)

    [06.11.2019] Rust is updated, please download new loader. Admin Mode added, use console to enable Admin Features.
                        Example: debug.debugcamera = Enables Debug cam
                        Note: I dont suggest using no clip most of servers have protection for it and it can cause you to get kicked from the server. 

    [28.10.2019] Rust is updated, please download new loader.

    [26.10.2019] Rust is updated, please download new loader.

    [16.10.2019] Rust is updated and safe to use. use the full loader now. - Item ESP removed it will be added back soon.

    [16.10.2019] Beta loader is now released. Always Day, Spider Man, Water Boost added for Rust. New gui complated. Crash issue %100 Fixed no one will get crash now. Auto Spoof Hwid bug is fixed.  

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