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  1. Admin

    Update [16.10.2019]

    Full Loader Is Out! [*] Aimbot rework complated. [*] Some features added back. (Item esp / Long Neck / Instant hit still under maintence [*] Menu Bug fixed. Picture in game with latest update:
  2. Beta Loader Is Out! [*] Beta loader is now released. [*] Always Day added for Rust. [*] Spider Man added for Rust. [*] Water Boost added for Rust. [*] New gui complated. [*] Crash issue %100 Fixed no one will get crash now. [*] Auto Spoof Hwid bug is fixed. [*] Aimbot and Item ESP is under rework rn we will release them tomorrow. Note: Tomorrow we will release full version you dont lose your time when its in beta. New Gui Look:
  3. Admin

    Update [11.10.2019]

    New Update Out! [*] Rust Updated! Safe to use. [*] Fixed crash issue. [*] Item ESP added back.
  4. Admin

    Update [30.09.2019]

    New Update Out! Download New Loader. [*] Rust Updated! Safe to use. [*] Fixed crash random crash. [*] Fixed known bugs.
  5. Admin

    Update [23.09.2019]

    New Update Out! Download New Loader. [*] Rust Updated! [*] Fixed crash while change weapon with norecoil is active. [*] Fixed visibility check. [*] Fixed randomly crash on norecoil / no spread. [*] Improved smooth options for aimbot. [*] Added double jump. [*] Added long neck. [*] Added infinity ammo. ( but it cant use to kill to player ). [*] Added save and load settings ( default, custom 1 , custom 2)
  6. We are working on it, it will be complated today. Edit: Update Done Download New Loader. 24.09.2019
  7. Admin

    Rust menu

    Will be done in 24 hours.
  8. Reworked Version Is Out Hello everyone as you all know we have also released another big update with new bypass and new driver and we have no report around 20 days. And today we have released reworked version of Rust with a lot of unique rage features. [*] Spoofer Updated. [*] No Recoil Added For Rust [*] No Spread Added For Rust [*] Double Jump Added For Rust [*] Long Neck Added For Rust [*] Unlimited Ammo Added For Rust [*] Various Bugs Fixed.
  9. Sorry, you can not buy only ESP. All packages include all features. There is %25 discount for now if you see on top up website you can use this coupon.
  10. Admin

    Update [11.08.2019]

    New Update Out! [*] Rust Updated! [*] Apex Updated! [*] Overwatch Updated! [*] Download new loader.
  11. New Loader Out! [*] We fnished our work for new loader. [*] Rust open to use again after 3 days tests and safe. [*] We are going to add spoofer back in loader after we fnish rewriting in kernel. (ETA: 48 Hours) [*] If you purchased Rust after 25.07.2019 contact us for restart your timer [*] You can only acces loader if you have active sub anymore. Use your website username/password to login loader. Pictures Of Our New Loader:
  12. Admin

    Detection Ratio

    Hey, detections are rarely on our products but we don’t recomended use on main account there is everytime risk in cheating. If spoof your hwid before use it will help your keep your own hwid safe.
  13. Hey, there is guide for it. Please follow eror solution that we wrote on guide.
  14. Admin

    Rust Crash

    You are welcome
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