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  1. Admin


    Hello @rocky6699, I think you meant “Hunt: Showdown”, this game is currently not in our progress but we will take a look to this game for future. Thanks for you suggestion.
  2. Hello @noaim12345, Thank you for your detailed suggestions, this will help us improve our software more . We will investigate all bugs you description. Have & Fun
  3. Hello @Djo54, Offical version of Rust is working and undetected currently but reseller loader is being updated. If you can send me your key for reseller loader trough pm I can add subscription for your account for offical version. (Since there is a price difference this can be done only once)
  4. Hello @Born2KILL, We do support all windows 10 versions. You can check status of our cheats at https://unfairgame.co/status anytime. Yes, we do accept resellers take a look to https://unfairgame.co/dealer
  5. Your username is Caleb Messex, your password is the password you setted when you register in forum.
  6. You can join our Discord channel by clicking here.
  7. Hello @Silent, Thanks for good feedback, we useally update cheat in a day after game updates.
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