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  1. Admin

    Update [13.01.2020]

    Please Download New Loader! [*] Rust is Updated. [*] Rainbow Six Siege is Updated. [*] All known bugs fixed.
  2. Admin

    Update [03.01.2019]

    Please Download New Loader! [*] Rust is Updated. [*] Rainbow Six Siege is Updated. [*] Hwid Spoofer for EAC is Updated. [*] New bypass method implamented we do only Support intel anymore.
  3. Admin

    Update [18.12.2019]

    Please Download New Loader! [*] Rust is Updated. Crash issue has fixed. [*] New bypass method implamented we do only Support Win10 anymore. [*] Loader gui is changed.
  4. Admin

    Update [07.12.2019]

    Please Download New Loader! [*] Rust is Updated Safe to use. [*] Hwi Spoofer Updated. [*] Ever second Spoof again issue is fixed for spoofer.
  5. Rainbow Six Siege: Rust: Overwatch: Apex Legends:
  6. We have released our Rainbow Six Siege Product today. All L33T Members has acces to our new product please download new loader. If you are not a L33T Member you can purchase our Rainbow Six Siege product By Clicking Here You can see features in here: In game video will be added soon. Screenshots in game:
  7. [INTERNAL] Good Performance / Safe [Hwid Spoofer] MB/Bios/HDD-SSD/Ram/Network/Clean Traces [Visual] Crosshair Custom ESP Colors / Custom Item ESP Colors Draw; FPS, Time, Resolution [Player ESP] Name Bounding Box Bone Health Distance Head Dot Visibility Check [Aimbot] Bone (Head, Neck and Body) Velocity Prediction Bullet Drop Prediction Visibility Check Custimizable Smooth Custumizable Fov Size - Fov Circle Anti Shake Aim Various Aim Keys [Misc] No Recoil No Spread In Game Video:
  8. Admin

    Update [11.11.2019]

    Rust Update Please Use New Loader! [*] In Game Gui Changed [*] Added more options for aimbot (Aim Lowest Hp, Max Distance) [*] Added Snap Lines [*] All colors are customizable now. Note: With Admin Mode only use Debug Cam (Bind "key" debug.debugcamera) and Third Person (F3) Picture in game with latest update:
  9. Solved your issue Please using english letters for username and password. 解决了你的问题 请使用英文字母作为用户名和密码。
  10. [INTERNAL] [内部] Good Performance / Safe 良好的性能/安全 [Hwid Spoofer] MB/Bios/HDD-SSD/Ram/Network/Clean Traces [Visual] [视觉] Crosshair 十字准线 [Player ESP] [播放器 ESP] Name 名称 Bounding Box 边界框 Bone 骨 Health 健康 Distance 距离 Head Dot 头点 Visibility Check 可见性检查 [Item ESP] [项目ESP] Resources (Stone, Sulfur, Metal, Wood) 资源(石材,硫磺,金属,木材) Chests (Cup Board, Small Box, Large Box, Stash) 箱子(杯碟,小箱子,大箱子,藏匿处) Traps (Spikes, Turrets, Bear Traps, Gun Traps) 陷阱(尖刺,炮塔,熊陷阱,枪炮陷阱) Barricades 路障 Currently Item Of Enemy 目前的敌人 [Aimbot] [目标机器人] Bone (Head, Neck and Body) 骨头(头,颈和身体) Velocity Prediction 速度预测 Bullet Drop Prediction 子弹掉落预测 Visibility Check 可见性检查 Custimizable Smooth 理想平滑 Custumizable Fov Size - Fov Circle 可定制的Fov大小-Fov圆 Anti Shake Aim 防抖目标 Various Aim Keys 各种目标键 [Misc] [其他] No Recoil 无后坐力 No Spread 不扩散 Bullet Speed (Instant Hit) 子弹速度(即时命中) Double Jump 双跳 Spider Man 蜘蛛侠 No Fall Damage 无坠落伤害 Long Neck 长颈 Always Day 永远的一天 Water Boost (Fast Swim) 补水(快速游泳) Admin Mode (Debug Cam, No Clip and all other Admin permissions.) 管理员模式(调试凸轮,无剪辑和所有其他管理员权限。) Video In Action 视频实战: 
  11. 如何使用不公平的游戏加载程序: 如果游戏包含一个以上的反作弊功能,请在使用前确保游戏与EAC一起运行。 以管理员身份打开加载程序 使用您的论坛用户名/密码登录。 按Spoofer按钮。 (如果您过去曾被禁止) 之后说成功欺骗。 从可用栏中选择产品,然后按加载。 成功加载打开游戏后。 收到此消息“已成功注入。退出”后,加载程序将自动关闭。 菜单会在游戏大厅自动弹出。 注意:使用控制台启用管理员功能。 示例:debug.debugcam =启用调试凸轮 玩得开心 快速解决错误: 加载程序下载链接:
  12. 快速解决错误: 错误:卡在等待加载程序环境中/ * .dll不存在 解: 错误:设置驱动程序REG键失败。 解: 错误:Hwid不匹配 解: 错误:加载数据失败 解: BIOS模式 错误:加载程序打开,重命名并关闭 解:
  13. Admin

    Update [16.10.2019]

    Full Loader Is Out! [*] Aimbot rework complated. [*] Some features added back. (Item esp / Long Neck / Instant hit still under maintence [*] Menu Bug fixed. Picture in game with latest update:
  14. Beta Loader Is Out! [*] Beta loader is now released. [*] Always Day added for Rust. [*] Spider Man added for Rust. [*] Water Boost added for Rust. [*] New gui complated. [*] Crash issue %100 Fixed no one will get crash now. [*] Auto Spoof Hwid bug is fixed. [*] Aimbot and Item ESP is under rework rn we will release them tomorrow. Note: Tomorrow we will release full version you dont lose your time when its in beta. New Gui Look:
  15. Admin

    Update [11.10.2019]

    New Update Out! [*] Rust Updated! Safe to use. [*] Fixed crash issue. [*] Item ESP added back.
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