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  1. I received messages about this frequently so I'll be making a post about it. Although the payment may be confirmed our payment gateway takes some time to fully process the payment. Although I can't necessarily give you an eta expect the payment to be accepted within 12 hrs most likely less time. No, your subscription will not be activated until after the payment was accepted.
  2. just to clarify cheat is working at the moment and no this isnt a scam
  3. all windows 10 versions should be compatible now
  4. DreiK

    eft video

  5. we never lied to you about the smoothing thing it does work it can bug out sometimes but it does work either way its not that useful of a feature wont help you that much just use low fov to the same effect
  6. yes dude its not gonna aim automatically you have to bind it to a key for it to be able to aim
  7. join the discord and message mehmet
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