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  1. [Aimbot] Bone (Head, Neck and Body) -which bone the aimbot will aim at Velocity Prediction - predicts the velocity of the aimbot Bullet Drop Prediction - predicts the bullet drop "where the bullet lands" Visibility Check - checks if the user is visible before aiming Custimizable Smooth - how fast the aimbot aims Custumizable Fov Size - Fov Circle Various Aim Keys [Misc] No Recoil - removes the weapon recoil No Spread - removes the weapon spread Bullet Speed (instant hit) Double Jump - makes you jump higher ex. moon gravity Long Neck - makes you taller *client side* I made this list pretty fast so I dont know if its finished or not, let me know if theres anything you want me to add to this list
  2. The discord server has been deleted we will be making a new one very soon Edit: https://www.unfairgam if you are still having issues joining private message me on the forumse.co/discord/invite/general/
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    Try again let me know if it works if it doesn’t please sure you have legacy enabled
  4. If you have any complaints about our resellers (or have been scammed by them) please do this Make a Support ticket (you can do so either on the website or the discord) and follow this format complaint form reason for complaint: user who you are speaking of: proof of this: any other details: Scam form Scammer: explanation: proof: any other details you would like to share:
  5. thank you kind sir
  6. thank you kind sir
  7. I like this but you should probably point out which ones work for rust and which dont
  8. wanting support
  9. I should be support cause I love dick if you agree react to the poll -dakker
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