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  1. So first things first Repair your game Launch rust go to settings Turn everything down to 1 or 0 Next is launch options To find launch options go to steam right click rust then click properties -nolog -high -maxMem=6194 -malloc=system -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=4 -force-d3d11-no-singlethreaded change "cpu count" to the number of CPU Cores you have (You can find this by going to Task manager > Performance > CPU (then look bottom right, for "logical processors = exThreads" / "Cores = "cpu count") this is your number. change "MaxMem" to your total system RAM below 4GB RAM = 3074 8GB RAM = 6194 16GB RAM = 14000 24GB RAM = 22000 32GB RAM = 30000 48GB RAM = 46000 64GB RAM = 62000 I dont use everything listed I just use -nolog -high -maxMem=14000 < that works fine for me If your still having crash issues please make a ticket or dm me on discord DiamondJM#0001
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