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  1. ok just figured that out...thanks see you guys have been busy adding features . Great Job
  2. I cant seem to get thius to work. I run Loader as Admin, log in , and i get Waiting ofor USER interaction. Do i push LOAD button now or load into Tarkov then push LOAD ?
  3. Can you explain what Inject delay does or how do i set it up ? That is something new since I left....Thanks
  4. Im back peoples...... also seems i need a Hardware reset. Thanks
  5. No thanks that is alittle to expensive for my wallet...lol
  6. WEll it has been a great run, bought a lifetime membership for EFT 2/23/2020 and 8/1/2020 was my first Perma Ban. Wish all of thjose who escaped this time BEST OF LUCK in the further, as it seems Nikita is listening to the mass players and actually trying to stop RMT's and Cheaters. The game is actually fun to play the Legit way, but is far harder then any other FPS i have played. I want to take a moment and thank the Admins that have been really great to me as others when there are problems. Remember its not IF you will get BANNED its WHNE will you get BANNED... everyone enjoy, and ill check in every once in a while to see whats happening.
  7. Hello may i please get a HWID reset changed some parts in my PC ? Thanks again.
  8. im hesitant to try Rage, i have been on a good streak of luck just using Legit with no bans. Can you tell us what exactly is shown using Lootable ESP ?
  9. I am glad you think that way, but if you knew anything about EFT and followed what the makers and game players are livid about you would understand. I get it, you are in the business to make money and want to show off your product. Yes there have been no Bans on my account ( only one im 100 % sure of ) since i purchased hack 2/23 i believe. Only time will tell, I know there is wipe comming up this month in game so lets see what happens.
  10. First off making a video of any Hack in a game is stupid. Then putting web address on it is even worse, and to top it off it shows your screen name on end of it. I liked this using this HACK Program because it was Expensive and I figured little kids would be able to afford it, and second the people using it wouldnt want to let it out of the bag about how good it is. Seriously disappointed this is happening. I guess i should be happy I was able to play the last 2.5 months every day with this Hack. Hopefully this has no negative impact............
  11. you sir or mam have better eyes or color on your monitor then I do...lol
  12. just incase you think i meant when program is running, Nope meant as soon as it loads. I assume ( lol ) there must be a .ini file where the program is told to start with half red color, half green, and little blue. The problem is BOTS and EXTRACTS are so close in reds the Extracts do not stand out. So i suggest in the .ini file start up as no RED, 100% GREEN, no BLUE. Thanks i am sure I can not be the only one that changes that color every time i play.
  13. Bosses and Raiders really dont need any updates just put NAMES on and you can see them. The add corps esp was something I thought about when i first got LOADER, but looking for a dead corps in the bushes is sometimes fun...... But keep the suggestions flowing. They have 2 ways to load up the hack, so if the suggestion is something they can implement safely and not be able to make it more detectable it should make it to LEGIT side one day......
  14. just for a little information. I have been using Geforce overlay since Feb. and never had a issue with it messing with the Loader. Also make sure you Right Click on Loader to load as admin, and do same for BSGLauncher. Even though i have both programs to auto load as admin, i find if i manually do it each time i have no issues with Radar going out in game.
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