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  1. Payment Method: PayPal How to Pay and receive your Product? 1-) Go to UnfairGame’s store. https://www.unfairgame.co/store/ 2-) Choose the Product that you want to purchase and look up its price. 3-) After you decide what you want to purchase, click on the link below and send the appropriate amount in USD currency. (Payment must be done as Friends and Family) (All payments must be done is USD currency. This doesn’t mean you can send any sorts of other currency that equivalences to the USD of your purchase. i.e Your final money being sent out must be in USD.) paypal.me/Aaron7912 4-) After the payment is made, send me a message (DM/PM) through the Unfair forums telling me the transaction ID or the PayPal e-mail that the money was sent in. In addition, specify the game and the subscription length that you’re intended to purchase. I will send you the appropriate store credits to your account after confirming the transaction, and then you can proceed with your purchase and start enjoying Unfair Games’ products. Useful information to note down: I’m located in EST, and there will be times that I won’t be able to respond within a second. Usually you should receive your product upon the first 20 minutes of your transaction. *Making this purchase does not exclude you from the ToS’s that you have agreed to while signing up to Unfair’s forum. (refer to: https://www.unfairgame.co/privacy/)Creating any type of Chargeback will get your account banned instantly and your active subscriptions will be terminated.
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