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  1. Hello Apex legends did an update last night and now no ESP or anything shows when using Apex, I've spoke to admin before as I bought from a reseller possibly of a reseller as I paid more than it's worth on here and my times running out. I can send screenshots if you need! Also Admin can you please respond to my direct message. You can add me on discord as well KillZone#6527
  2. Ok thank you they are 100% all working every product and undetected? As I can't sell to my members if people get banned on day 1 and things don't work as I have had this problem before.
  3. Hello I'm interested in these 3 products but I have some questions. What windows do they support? Last detection on all 3? Also do you accept resellers I seen a post but what to do next I may buy those 3 and try out first, Thanks!
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