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  1. Topic Solved No Reply Seen, Will Lock & Move.
  2. Basically xAlphaBoyx The Text "Waiting For Fortninte-Client-64-Shipping.exe" is not an error, all you have to do is start fortnite after this message, make sure to open the loader As Admin. If You Get A Message saying Failed to Load Please Contact us at our discord. This thread Will Be Locked.
  3. New Update - Download link Fixing Bug - Fixed EAC Bug New Updates? New Capcom driver Form Changer & Name Changer UD New Anti-Os Script Added New GUI More Options Working Eac Forcer Dc-AntiBan.exe
  4. Not really this isn't a cheat.
  5. This has worked on me I Cannot guarantee it will work on you as well. Open Epic Games Launcher With New Account and Click On The Fortnite Drop Down Check Additional Command Line Arguments http://prntscr.com/mwm65i Then Paste The Following Code To Your Choosing! For EAC: -limitclientticks -ForceACP=2For BE: -limitclientticks -ForceACP=1 force_eac.bat
  6. https://www.unfairgame.co/topic/11-dc-antiban-free/ try my free antiban out
  7. My dc antiban was made for cleaning files it’s spoofer is just their for a hdd serial change it’s not for a entire spoofer I won’t give that for free.
  8. For Those who Voted Dc-Antiban Doesn't work did you even try it out?? Yes i can see who voted.
  9. white type of ban do you have, if soft or new then please run Anti-Os first Then Spoofer And Then cleaner follow the rules throughout, and follow the console. Then. It doesn't really matter you can run antios or spoofer anytime its just the cleaner has eac forcer that has to run.
  10. im sorry for this misunderstanding however none of the files were used from your spoofer, all the files are mine however I include snippets of other spoofers code, in the bat files ONLY The Rest Of The Spoofer is 100% my work and my only. Not Trying to sound rude but what you said offended me im sorry if i made you any type of way however I did not use any of your files. If you think I Did i can show you all the files used or do you really think i used your files you can tell me what i used and ill check it out.
  11. Hey, you may have not known me but I'm Dishaan and I'm going to release special software that I have been working on for a few months. It Isn't done and it isn't perfect so don't wine. The software is my dc-antiban for free. The tool essentially is made for cleaning file off the person's pc however I have worked hard to introduce two features. A Serial Number Changer With Anti-Os Python. The Spoofer is not intended for deep bans and may fail to bypass eac/be. The Software is made up of another cleaner's however I did edit them to my knowledge, and most are made by me. I Also Included An Eac Enforcer For Those Unfair Users!!! The Software Include's My Own Eac Forcer However I Did Include Weak's Eac Forcer Too. It Works On Apex Aswell. Download Link - https://anonfile.com/q6JbQ2vbb8/Dc-AntiBan_exe Status - Working Comment In The Bottom For Things You Want In Dc-AntiBan Dc-AntiBan.exe
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