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Rust Cheat features explained.

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  • Crosshair - Draw Crooshair in your screen
  • Custom ESP Colors / Custom Item ESP Colors - Customize colors of ESP
  • Draw; FPS, Time, Resolution

[Player ESP]

  • Name - will display text on the player with their name
  • Distance - will display the distance of you to the player
  • Box - will draw a box around the player
  • Skeleton - will visualize the player's bones
  • SnapLines - will show snap lines from you to all players visualized
  • Health - will display the player's health
  • Visibility Check  - will draw a different color box depending on if the player is visible or not

[Item ESP] 

  • Resources (Stone, Sulfur, Metal, Wood) 
  • Chests (Cup Board, Small Box, Large Box, Stash)
  • Traps (Spikes, Turrets, Bear Traps, Gun Traps)
  • Barricades
  • Currently Item Of Enemy


  • Bone (Head, Neck, Body, Arms, Stomach) -  which bone the target will aim at
  • Velocity Prediction - corrects for the weapon's velocity
  • Bullet Drop Prediction  - corrects for the weapons bullet drop
  • Visibility Check - checks if the player is visible or not before being targeted on the aimbot
  • Customizable Smooth - smooths how fast the aimbot will aim at the target
  • Customizable Fov Size - Fov Circle  - how close you have to be looking at a target for the aimbot to target it
  • Anti Shake Aim - will solve for the shake when aiming
  • Various Aim Keys


  • No Recoil - will correct the recoil when shooting
  • No Sway - will correct they sway when shooting
  • Bullet Speed (Instant Hit) - how fast the bullet will hit
  • Double Jump - will allow you to jump more than once consecutively [warning this feature may get you kicked due to server anti cheats] 
  • Spider Man - allows you to climb up walls [warning this feature may get you kicked if you climber over 1.5 of a wall due to server anti cheats]
  • No Fall Damage - removes the health penalty from falling from a high distance.
  • Long Neck - extends your necks size client-sided to make you be able to shoot from higher
  • Always Day - makes the time of day always bright client side
  • Water Boost (Fast Swim) - makes you swim faster also prevents you from drowning
  • Admin Mode (Debug Cam, No Clip and all other Admin permissions.) 

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Author of the topic Posted
7 hours ago, lazyman2020 said:

Can you let us know what are the 4 colors Text represent

Red ;


that was on accident fixed to the appropiate colors

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