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Trial keys?

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i'm currently looking into buying a lifetime key for rust, only issue is that i have a ungodly amount of bad luck when it comes to running any kind of unfair advantage on my computer, hardware/software incompatibilities missing .dlls or something along the lines of flat out BS that no one has ever ran into, i was wondering if it was possible to get an hour trial or something along the lines that i can get your product to work for me for at least an hour to ensure that i will be able to use what i purchased, i found this website through your partner i've been a member at your partners websiite since 2008 under the same username if it helps this case any, i understand if you will not provide a trial membership i have read some of your rules which is why im skeptical of buying this flatout Particularly looking at #4 on discord


"If the ebook is working properly for the majority of users and you just cant figure it out you are not entitled to a refund."

i've done some quick skimming around and i didnt find any rules against requesting one or about people asking for some, i may have failed to use the search feature but i figured this could be quickly routed with a yes or no answer

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