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Rust suggestions


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1. Fix aimbot key not allowing bind to side mouse buttons.
2. Making esps draw at different sizes based on the distance of the player. (smaller healthbars and stuff, makes screen look clunky)

3. Adding health option for [ Healthbar, Text ] 
4. The slider for ( Aimbot -> Smooth ) is very slow, everytime you reset it takes like 30 seconds to get it to a legit setting. 

5. Add some sort of Xray mode. Alternative to using debug camera.

6. Add more TC esp; upkeep time, Players authed. 

7: Mini Hele Esp

8: Hotbar ESP (Ability to see what the enemy player has in their hotbar)

Very great and good things to add. This is best cheat! 

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I agree, to add to this:

  • scrap helicopter
  • potato ESP (similar to hemp, mushrooms, corn, pumpkins)
  • Minecart and Ration Box ESP (similar to crates, barrels etc.)
  • being able to save your settings, so it can be applied near instantly next time you run rust with unfairgame's product


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