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Escape From Tarkov Item Filters Explanation

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Item Filters Explation

We are decripting which filters includes what items in this thread for you guys know which ones you need to enable. You can request add new filters through discord we will keep improving it. We also added some high value items separetly with different colors so you can look for them easily when you ruble mining.

All Items (No Filter):

  • This will show all items spawned in mape include lootable.


  • Ammo Case
  • Food Case
  • Grenade Box Case
  • THICC Item Case
  • THICC Weapon Case
  • Scav Junk Box Case
  • Mags Case
  • Meds Case
  • Money Case
  • SICC Case
  • Wapon Case
  • Pistol Case

Key Cards:

  • Red Key Card
  • Blue Key Card
  • Violet Key Card
  • Green Key Card
  • Black Key Card
  • Lab Access Card
  • Interchange Store 1 Key Card
  • Interchange Store 2 Key Card

Information Items:

  • Flash Drive
  • SSD Drive
  • SAS Drive
  • Thin Diary
  • Thick Diary

Meidical Valuable Items:

  • LedX
  • Opthaim
  • Defibrillator
  • Golden Star
  • NACL

Valuable Items:

  • Paracord
  • Bitcoin
  • GP
  • Cat Figure
  • Lion Figure
  • Raven Figure
  • Elibadge
  • Prokill
  • Rolex
  • Skull Ring
  • Wood Clock
  • Wycc Axe
  • Teapot
  • Vase
  • Keytool
  • Gold Chain
  • OFZ
  • Virtex

Valuable Energy Items:

  • Dry Fuel
  • Fuel
  • Military Battery
  • Car Battery


  • SJ 1
  • SJ 6
  • eTG
  • Probital
  • Zagustin
  • Adrenaline


  • LedX

Grafic Card:

  • video_card


  • Intelligence


  • Tetris

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Author of the topic Posted
11 hours ago, Ninja33 said:

The frame number is very low after opening ltems EPS. Is there a way to remedy it?

We have pushed another update to avoid FPS drop.

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