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Escape From Tarkov Cheat Private Version Relase


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We have released a new version for our Escape From Tarkov Cheat as we promised which is avaible for only 25 ID Verified users.

We have reviewed all applications and released private version today, If your application refused you can refill informations correctly and resend application. The reason we are releasing private version is there was requests from a lot of users to us for go private as you all know our current version was undetected over 4 months for Escape From Tarkov but since userbase incrased too much in last months we decided to make a private version with improved security and slotted userbase. We almost filled our slots for private version but you can still send application so if any of users do not renew in 48 hours after his sub expires, you can take his slot.

How to send a application for purchase private version:


To send an application for private access please go to https://www.unfairgame.co/support/ then press new request. Select "Private Access Application" as department and read the information and fill your application by following it.

How to use if your application accepted:


If your application is accepted you will get a reply and you will be able to see private section of  store at https://www.unfairgame.co/store/category/19-private/ you can purchase private version of Escape From Tarkov then download the private loader at https://www.unfairgame.co/files/file/10-unfair-game-private-loader/. Then follow instructions descripted in loader.

In game screenshots: 

private eft cheat .png

private eft cheat.png

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