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Didn't know where else to make this since I can't really post a review through the store since I used a reseller, but hopefully this gives validation to the rest of the users contemplating buying the services.

I purchased EFT through a reseller and I have been nothing more then happy, everything works amazingly, sometimes there's very small issues but nothing at all that would intrude in me purchasing again

I've talked to countless members of the Discord and through the forums quietly because I really wanted to get an idea of what the service and support was like through UnfairGame just because mostly any staff on any site is gonna back their services regardless of if it works or not.... And I have had nothing but postive experiences with other members, everyone seems to really enjoy the services offered through the site and especially the support and staff that run UnfairGame. Not to mention the resellers, they really are impressive accepting countless payment methods and having the ability to converse with almost any customer regardless of backround. My account is new and hopefully no one thinks I am shamming to make a fake post for the site to boost its ego but honestly just from using these services for little over a week I can see UnfairGame is gonna blow within the next few months. The staff, users and team members are some of the best I've seen with services like these. I promise you will be nothing far from disappointed in using these services.

I really enjoy making content for websites such as these, videos reviews and much more for every person to see if someone is debating supporting a service like this, and whether it be a serious review or a funny moments using the service I find I can really emphasize on the value of service from sites like UnfairGame.

I hope this gave anyone debating on purchasing through UnfairGame some closure and reassurance that you'll honestly get nothing but the best from here.

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