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  1. please read through faq before you ask about issues
  2. please make sure that secure boot is disabled refer to: https://www.appgeeker.com/recovery/disable-uefi-secure-boot-in-windows-10.html
  3. if it doesn't work please make sure you read through the instructions correctly 


How To Use Unfair Game Loader:

  1. make sure any game is Not Running that uses EAC/BE   optional: close Steam / Game Launcher 
  2. Open loader as admin. 
  3. Login with your forum username/password.
  4. Select product from list and load.
  5. After successfully loaded it will say waiting for gameclient.exe
  6. force the game to run as admin refer to: https://www.ricksdailytips.com/run-as-administrator/
  7. Menu should pop up automatically you can use the "ins" key on your keyboard to open or close it note: if it doesn't show up then you didn't inject successfully please start from the beginning


Note For Rust: use consol for enable Admin Features.
Example: debug.debugcamera = Enable Debug cam

Have & Fun


Quick Resolve Errors:


Loader Download Link: 



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just for a little information. I have been using Geforce overlay since Feb. and never had a issue with it messing with the Loader. Also make sure you Right Click on Loader to load as admin, and do same for BSGLauncher. Even though i have both programs to auto load as admin, i find if  i manually do it each time i have no issues with Radar going out in game.

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9 minutes ago, Noobshooter said:

I cant seem to get thius to work. I run Loader as Admin, log in , and i get Waiting ofor USER interaction. Do i push LOAD button now or load into Tarkov then push LOAD ?

Push load button before open game, after it says waiting for gameclient.exe run Escape From Tarkov as admin.

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