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New World missing features, must read Admin


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Bought today NewWorld cheese

.ESP feature has just few initial crap monsters , missing a lot of them 
.gatherable items , missing a lot of them

.add all monsters not just animals esp of starting village (game has soo much more monsters)

.add aimstuff also for all PVE monsters 

.add subcategory of gatherable resources not just lv1 of villag1 resources (if selected tree      ---> select which tree)  
                                                                                                                            (if selected mineral ---> select which ore) 
                                                                                                                            etc etc, FULL LIST of ALL subcategory.

.on gatherable resources if a resource is no more available please do not show it on the floor,
(if you gather a plant, once it is done, it keeps showing the esp of that plant, while the plant is no longer there, if you can avoid that, it will be really cool
this will allow to run around and only focus on EXISTING gatherable items)

.player esp\aim showing boxes and trigger aimcheese only for pvp red name players 
 no reason at all to show all players even pvpoff ones


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