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Buying from a Distrubitor, how does this work?

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Welcome to my little 10-step tutorial about buying from a Distributor.


This tutorial applies to the following people:

- I'm planning to buy from a Distributor,

- I already bought from a Distributor,

- I want more information about buying trough a Distributor.


Where do I contact a Distributor?

Click on the link: https://www.unfairgame.co/forum/26-pay-with-paypal-skrill-etc/ and choose your Distributor of choise!


How does it work?

1. If your not able to buy trough the website's payment methods, you can contact one of the Distributors. 

2. The Distributor of your choice will ask which payment method you want to use.

3. You pay the amount to your Distributor.

4. You have to give your email of choise and the Distrubitor will send you a giftcard with the amount of money you agreed on.

Note: This is an example of our giftcard. The amount, the message and for who it is intended differs per giftcard!



From this moment on you must be logged in to your own account on this website.

5. Now you have to redeem the giftcard on the Unfair website. You can acces the website by:

- Click on the 'Redeem now' button,

- Click on the 'Click here' button within the email

- Go to the following link: 'https://www.unfairgame.co/clients/credit/'.



6. Copy your personal code that comes with the email.

Note: The following code below is an example and not usable.




7. Enter your personal code, in place 1 as shown in the image below.



8. Click on 'Redeem Gift Card' as indicated as step 2 on the image above.

Now you will have the amount of balance you recieved on your giftcard on the website.


9.  Go to our Store get the subscription you want!

Link to our store: https://www.unfairgame.co/store/? 


Note: When you are on the store page, you will see that you are ready to spend the claimed balance.



10. Purchase your product like you would with the supported payment methods. Choose option 'Account Credit

Note: If there's a sale going on, you can apply the couponcode as shown on the image below:





You have succesfully purchased your Unfair product with your prefered paymentmethod.


If you are a first-time customer, consider following my setup tutorial:

Click below!


Thanks for reading,

DitIsMax 🤍

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