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  2. need reset, new motherboard and cpu
  3. does not work, my serieals don’t change when i do the dmiedit. please help me
  4. does apex cheat have multi key aimbot ?
  5. I cant change UEFI to Legacy, I use an msi motherboard
  6. Need HWID Reset please, I reset Windows and got new ssd and mobo
  7. Its hard these days to find legit service and cheats, that actually are of premium content, and that is exactly what you guys provide!! i had trouble with the payment methods that approve only bitcoin atm, but came across Max who responded immediately and supported me with all the questions i had. this is my first purchase but this wont be the last! special thanks to DitisMax who offered me another way to get the product i wanted you guys have an amazing service running, keep up the good work!!!!! Cheers from Jason
  8. not sure if this is possible but is it possible to make a cheat that allows players to use nigh vision or not see face shields like Altyn ingame possibly that would be a very nice feature if possible to create.
  9. Need a hwid reset please as I had to fresh install to older version to fix the hack client
  10. Debug Mode bind p debugcamera Admin Mode - Debug.mp4 Weather Settings global.adminfog "1,2,3" global.adminrain "1,2,3" global.adminclouds "1,2,3" "-0" Default Server Setting. Admin Mode - Weather.mp4 Using Tools Admin Mode - Tools.mp4
  11. Need HWID reset, swapped out drives as I upgraded my ssd's
  12. Hello, please reset my hwid, due changing my game PC
  13. Here opens and closes, I can not run help me the time is counting
  14. Absolutely amazing service! If anyone is wondering about buying, or trusted payments, this is def the person to go with since I just made my first purchase from him and everything smoothly within minutes. Have fun ingame, stay safe, and have a good day anyone who reads this! +rep
  15. Hey, contact the Admin by private messaging him. Quickest resolve! (Discord: Mehmet#0001)
  16. pc not registered. i bought off a reseller and it dont work help soon R_j_M#8932
  17. Hey, Welcome to my little 10-step tutorial about buying from a Distributor. This tutorial applies to the following people: - I'm planning to buy from a Distributor, - I already bought from a Distributor, - I want more information about buying trough a Distributor. Where do I contact a Distributor? Click on the link: https://www.unfairgame.co/forum/26-pay-with-paypal-skrill-etc/ and choose your Distributor of choise! How does it work? 1. If your not able to buy trough the website's payment methods, you can contact one of the Distributors. 2. The Distributor of your choice will ask which payment method you want to use. 3. You pay the amount to your Distributor. 4. You have to give your email of choise and the Distrubitor will send you a giftcard with the amount of money you agreed on. Note: This is an example of our giftcard. The amount, the message and for who it is intended differs per giftcard! From this moment on you must be logged in to your own account on this website. 5. Now you have to redeem the giftcard on the Unfair website. You can acces the website by: - Click on the 'Redeem now' button, - Click on the 'Click here' button within the email, - Go to the following link: 'https://www.unfairgame.co/clients/credit/'. 6. Copy your personal code that comes with the email. Note: The following code below is an example and not usable. 7. Enter your personal code, in place 1 as shown in the image below. 8. Click on 'Redeem Gift Card' as indicated as step 2 on the image above. Now you will have the amount of balance you recieved on your giftcard on the website. 9. Go to our Store get the subscription you want! Link to our store: https://www.unfairgame.co/store/? Note: When you are on the store page, you will see that you are ready to spend the claimed balance. 10. Purchase your product like you would with the supported payment methods. Choose option 'Account Credit' Note: If there's a sale going on, you can apply the couponcode as shown on the image below: Congrats! You have succesfully purchased your Unfair product with your prefered paymentmethod. If you are a first-time customer, consider following my setup tutorial: Click below! Thanks for reading, DitIsMax
  18. Its a real nice improvement from the last one, helpt me fix a few things.
  19. Quick tip: Try to play legit for your surrounding players. Playerreports will lead into a ban when you play with your cheats to obvious.
  20. Please read through the full post before you ask about issues! Hey, welcome to the ultimate setup-guide. Before you start your journey with Unfaired, you will first have to go through a number of steps. If you do not do this, you will not be able to use the products on this site. Step A, preparing your computer: 1. Go to your windows-search bar and type in 'run'. 2. A small menu will appear where you enter the following: ‘’msinfo32’’. Press ‘OK’. 3. You will see a list with your computer-information. Check the following 2 parts within this list: 'Secure boot mode' & 'Bios mode' Your computer will most likely be in this settings These 2 settings will have to be changed to the following below: How do you change the settings when your computer has other settings on? 4. You can change the required settings by open the PC BIOS menu: Youtube link to enter configuration → https://youtu.be/HQXFd0CN4s8 5. Secure boot mode: You can also check this website or Google how to disable it for your computer: https://www.appgeeker.com/recovery/disable-uefi-secure-boot-in-windows-10.html 6. Change UEFI mode: Below is an example of how to adjust the BIOS settings. Understand that for each 'brand' motherboard of a computer the menu will look different. The principle comes down to the same. ========================================================================== Step B, making sure about overlays. You've had the hardest part. Now you are going to take a few small steps. Make sure to disable all overlays! Link for common overlays: https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001277667-Disabling-Overlays Got a bluescreen when launching? Redownload windows in the following version: 20H2 or 21H1 Note: This event rarely happens. Downloadwebsite: https://tb.rg-adguard.net/public.php Also, disable anti-virus systems: you can try to not disable your anti-virissystems, but it's likely that you'll have to. Most systems will block our loader from running. ======================================================================== Step C, running the client. 1. Videotutorial by Litvain: 1703947450_UntitledProject.mp4.4d7630bb796469192965e788cf929de5.mp4 Manual tutorial: 1. Download-link for Unfair official client: Note: Be aware that if you buy from a reseller, you will get a different client. Does not apply for distributors. 2. Now you have downloaded the client above, follow the instructions below. 2.2 How to open as administrator? Or use this link if you still have trouble: https://www.ricksdailytips.com/run-as-administrator/ ======================================================================== Have fun Now you can play using your prefered settings! If you still have trouble, open a forum on the website or create a ticket in Discord. If you bought from a reseller, contact them first. If you run into problems after this setup-guide, also check our quick-fixes: Thank you for reading, DitIsMax
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