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Justin Bishop

Escape From Tarkov

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Great hack. Still unbanned after almost 4 weeks of use. But I would love to see a few things added to it.


Currently all Raiders and Boss names are in Russian and it's really hard to pinpoint which is scav boss. If there was a way to have their names appear in English that would be amazing.


Second finding bodies after sniping them from 150+meters is sometimes extremely difficult if there was more than 1 other PMC I was fighting. Being able to see bodies would be a huge benefit and help save a lot of time searching bushes and such.


Third making item spawns visible and not just containers. It's annoying still having to search rooms in resort and hope for a LedX or keycard. Being able to see whether it's spawned or not would save a lot of time.

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have a good ideal,jsut display the health number instead health bar.Through health number,we can know which one is the BOSS.

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