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UNBAN Valorant MANUEL SPOOF . free spoof

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10head method


Why am I making this thread when there are already many?

Quite simply, I have recorded extra videos where I show 1-to-1 how I do it, and I have also uploaded files so that you don't have to spend 2 weeks googling or searching through forums!


So I think the way I did it should work for any BIOS / motherboard!


Important: You must reinstall Windows, otherwise it does not work!


Note: I have an AMI Bios, for all those who have an Insyde Bios, you can also use the program "DMIedit", which is also in the folder.


- Steps:


- 1. Reinstall Your Windows!

- 2. Change your:

Motherboard UUID / SerialNumber


Mac Adress

- 3. Install Valorant

- 4. Have Fun with Valorant.


- Videos:

1. Proof that I'm banned: https://streamable.com/wcurpn

2. Change / Spoof the Things: https://streamable.com/yihydi

3. Creating New Valorant Account / Install Valorant: https://streamable.com/gfcy78

4. Run Valorant / Enjoy : https://streamable.com/eng9ia







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