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17 hours ago, Admin said:

You can just restart your game every 4-5 raids to avoid that.

Right... Instead of saying oh we're looking into the cause and patch it.

You reply. "just restart your game constantly". Jesus how can you be the admin.

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On 6/22/2020 at 7:03 PM, Buttersssssisawesome said:

So my eft esp goes out every other game can anyone help


I had this same issue, moving directories seemed to fix it. Had to restart my game if not every time every other time to re-initialize the esp. I had it on a secondary hard drive with Tarkov on my C drive (habit from CS:GO cheats) I put it on the same drive as Tarkov, my C drive and it fixed it almost entirely

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If im playin on Server with High Pings(im from EU) so..for example when im playin on Tel Aviv oder US Server, i have to restart my game every round. When i play on EU server i dont have to restart my game anymore.. dont know why xD

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