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Suggestions EFT


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I have a couple of bugs in ETF.

The problem with the ESP Item Cheat is that if I use it without a filter, all items show the distance 149m.
Which leads to the fact that when I set 125m, no items can be seen, and when I see all items 150m, which leads to FPS drops and is not playable.
After a certain time, the corpse locations disappear, sometimes they come back after a few minutes, sometimes not.


If you play as a SCAV, you don't get the correct exits displayed


You don't see any high loot items in boxes / safes / PCs


Incoreect distance from high loot and corpses


the health display, lines across the display and so unplayable




-Correct distance from items, then you can also use the lake all items and play on 20m without frame drops
-Extra filter for found in raid items for quests

-Show high loot in boxes, save and PCs

-a new health display


don't get me wrong, I am very happy with the product, but a few revisions and improvements would improve the quality of live a lot


thank you very much and excuse my bad english




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